Environmental Scanning:
Various environments may pose threats and create weaknesses to successful operations of marketing and communication. Threats may at times be used as opportunities to improve on strategies and operations.

** Good stakeholder relations including Tribal Authorities, SALGA, Provincial Government, etc.
** Strong strategic partnerships and alliances
** Fully fledged management team
** A municipal logo that represents all key economic and social activities of the municipality
** Lack of understanding on the role of communication as strategic function
** Lack of cohesion with departments which leads to parallel programmes
** Nonexistent communication and marketing policy
** Limited marketing expertise
** Municipality does not have a brand management strategy as well as corporate identity manual
** Growth and investment opportunities exist due to the strategic location of the municipality
** Development of a Corporate identity manual to regulate the use of the logo and the corporate colors thereof
** Identify new marketing platforms to create awareness of the municipal services and what the municipality stands for.
** Profiling the municipality
** Seek assistance from marketing and branding stakeholders such as SALGA, GCIS to improve on brand management
** Lack of marketing and branding expertise
** Unforeseen disruptive labour disputes
** Lack of information security mechanisms
** Negative perception on the quality of municipal service provision
** The municipality does not have a high resolution logo
** There is no black and white logo, but only a full colour logo which may pose a challenge when placed on various coloured backgrounds
As part of the review process of Communication Strategy, SALGA was engaged on several occasions to assist with incorporation of the Marketing and Branding components in the strategy. Emanating from the engagements, the following were highlighted as issues of importance:

** Development of corporate identity manual to give guidance to the municipal corporate identity and manage branding applications and further curb abuse of the logo
** Unit’s participation in various exhibitions to market the municipality in different areas
** Development of MKLM communication policy that will give guidance on how the municipality communicates
** Incorporation of marketing into the strategy
The revised draft integrated marketing and communication strategy which is due for adoption by Council, gives a clear expression of the coat of arms (Logo) which has a tag off line or motto: “Re direla setšhaba”, a Setswana saying that translates to “We work for the nation”. The strategy further highlights our commitment as the municipality to ensure that the community of Moses Kotane Local Municipality lives in a healthy, safe, social and Eco- friendly environment.