The Municipality recently reviewed and approved a new Organizational Structure. Role Profiles were also compiled for the new Organizational Structure. A placement process was undertaken and completed. Although all of the above was done, the Municipality still requires the validation of the Organizational Structure and Role Profiles

The Municipality also wants to conduct a work study exercise to improve efficiencies through the effective use of resources and the setting up of standards of performance for the activities being carried out as well as the determination of staffing requirements for the Organizational Structure.Job evaluation and grading of roles in the new Organizational Structure was not undertaken and the current salary scales have not been reviewed in a long while.

The Municipality needs to undertake an exercise to determine the skills and knowledge it requires and what skills and knowledge the organization currently has.

In terms of the current organisational structure / staff establishment which consists of seven hundred and ninety seven (797) positions, the following is the status:

** Indent beneath
** The Municipal Manager position is currently filled;
** The total number of filled positions is three hundred eighty two (382) and the vacant positions is four hundred and fifteen (415);
Out of the three hundred and eighty two (382) filled positions, there are:

** Two hundred and fifty six (256) African males;
** One hundred and twenty three (123) African males; and three (3) white males;
The municipal council has approved the Employment Equity Plan (EEP) in October 2011, and the municipality has submitted the 2012/2013 annual Employment Equity report was submitted on the 15th of January 2013. The plan indicates the demographic representatives in respect of race, gender and disability. The current workforce is mostly African and males, however, it is hoped that a more racially and gender balanced workforce would be established in future. Furthermore, the municipality is addressing the issue of employing disabled people at both managerial and operational levels.

Objectives of the Department

** To ensure an effective and efficient administrative support service to the municipality with regard to all correspondence, enquiries and management of all records and archives.
** To ensure an effective and integrated secretariat support to Council, all its Committees, to ensure smooth running of the meetings and keeping records thereof
** To provide a human resources management service to the municipality that ensures effective and efficient human resources acquisition, maintenance and administration, development and utilization
** To ensure Sound Labour relations within the Municipality
** Ensure the provision of a healthy and safe work environment for its employees
** To provide legal advice and assistance to the Council and the administration of the municipality to ensure the proper protection of the municipality’s interests, and compliance by the municipality with its legal obligations and responsibilities
** To develop and maintain the municipality’s information systems
** To ensure the provision of the IT infrastructure within the municipality for the extraction compilation, analysis, and dissemination of information.
** The Department has the following Units: and plans are also reflected in 2012/2017 IDP Website
** Human Resoirce Management and Legal Services
** Administration & Secretariat Services and Information Technology