Moses Kotane Local Municipality was established in 2000 in terms of section 12 of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998 as a local Municipality.

The Municipality covers an area of approximately 5 719km2 and is mostly rural in nature, comprising 107 villages and two formal townships of Mogwase and Madikwe with estimated population of 242 553. 2011 Census report’s estimate that there are 75 193 households. The Municipality has predominantly African population, with fewer Indian, coloured and white groups.

MKLM is one of the five constituent local municipalities of Bojanala Platinum District Municipality in North West Province of the Republic of South Africa. It shares borders with Rustenburg, Kgetleng Rivier, Ramotshere Moiloa and Thabazimbi Local Municipalities. Its headquarters are based in Mogwase Township with satellite offices in Madikwe Township.

The economy of Moses Kotane is characterized mainly by tourism, mining, agriculture owing to its location within the major tourism and mining belt of the province, Pilanesberg and Sun City. Industries and social services also form critical part of the local economy.

The current fourth term of administration which started in August 2016 is expected to end in 2021.

The Municipality is an EXCO type with 34 Wards. It is led by Council made up of 68 Ward and Proportional Representative Councillors and 8 Dikgosi.

The Mayor is the chairperson of a six member EXCO made up of Portfolio Heads of the following Portfolio Committees:

** Community Services and Public Safety
** Local Economic Development
** Finance and Corporate Services
** Infrastructure & Technical Services
** Planning & Development
The Administration arm of the municipality is headed by the Municipal Manager and is made up of the following six departments:

** Office of the Municipal Manager
** Corporate Services
** Planning & Development
** Budget and Treasury Office
** Infrastructure and Technical Services
** Community Services

Our Vision

A caring municipality underpinned by minerals, agricultural and eco-tourism economy for the advancement of sustainable services to our communities.

Our Mission

To be driven by skilled human capital, conducting high work and service standards incorporating our
natural resources to achieve inclusive quality life for our communities.

Our Values

human dignity


Moses Kotane is now classified as Category B4 Local Municipality which is mainly rural with communal tenure. Such a municipality is at most one or two small towns in their area. It is one of the five local municipalities constituting the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality classified as Category C1.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality is bordered by:

** Thabazimbi Local Municipality in the North, which is situated in Waterberg District Municipality of the Limpopo province,
** Madibeng Local Municipality in the east (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW)
** Rustenburg Local Municipality (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW) and
** Kgetlengrevier Local Municipality in the south (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW)
** Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality in the west (Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, NW).
The Municipality covers an area of approximately 5220km² and is mostly rural in nature, comprising of 107 villages and 2 two formal towns of Mogwase and Madikwe. The N4 Corridor which is the east-west bound road connecting Rustenburg and Pretoria runs to the south of Moses Kotane local municipality. The R510 north-south bound road connects Moses Kotane Local Municipality to North.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality population was estimated at 242 553 by 2011 Census compared to 237 175 by Census 2001. The Municipality has a predominantly African population with fewer Indian, Coloured and White groups who are mostly residing in Sun City residence and Mogwase Unit 2. It should be noted that the recognized legal statistics to be used in developing IDP’s is from Census 2011.

Geographic information of households by 2011 was estimated at 75 195 compared to 61 759 by Census 2001 with the same total number of dermarcated wards. The Municipality is comprised of 31 Wards and is led by Council, the Speake Mayor and the Executive Committee. The Mayor is the Head of Executive Committee (EXCO) which comprises of 10 Councillors who are head of various departments and serve in portfolios. Total number of Proportional Representatives and Ward Councillors amount to 62 Councillors.