The Chief Whip’s role is to maintain and deal with all political parties, it be within the governing party and those outside the ruling party and to ensure that he/she build relationships with all political parties. Like the Mayor and the Speaker, she/he also has roles and responsibilities which are as follows:

** “Whippery” is the key function played for political parties within Council
** He/she is Single whip for all councillors – political parties and the member of Council Whip’s Forum;
** To deal with issues that could hamper constructive relations within Political Parties represented on
** To act as an interface between the Speaker, Executive Committee and the Mayor;
** To provide a thorough understanding of Council and its Committees and to support successful communication and decision-making;
** To oversee equitable representation on the different Council Committees;
** To ensure that Council Committees meet regularly and contribute constructively to the business of Council and
** To chair the Section 79 Disciplinary Committee.