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MKLM Mayor Fetsang Mokati-Thebe’s year-end message for 2015

On behalf of the Moses Kotane Local Municipality Council, I am wishing all residents, Magosi, employees, ward committees, community development workers and stakeholders a well-deserved festive break.
As we conclude the year 2015, we pride ourselves with the journey travelled thus far as we know that we have left permanent footprint in the lives of the communities of Moses Kotane Local Municipality across all 107 villages and two townships through service provision and good governance.
2015 is the year we will cherish in the history of democracy through realization of our dream to bring the remains of Malome Moses Mauane Kotane home after being repatriated from Russia. As one of the rare intellectuals. He showed us that working together can take you places. He is to us, an international hero. Let us preserve his legacy and honour his memory. It is also befitting for us the leadership of this municipality to celebrate his life by ensuring that we provide excellent services to communities who are now enjoying democracy that Moses Kotane died for. Pella village is now a final resting place of the legend and we commit to preserve it for future generations.

This is the 15th year since establishment of the Moses Kotane Local Municipality and 21 years of democracy respectively. The road we have travelled thus far depicts a blend of a rich history, worthy experiences and milestones which will be packaged for all to know and preserve and for the coming generations as a good story to tell during our democratic era.

I am very fortunate to have been part of the team that named this municipality after one of the most sought after and a rare find of an intellect: Malome Moses Mauane Kotane who originates from Pella village in our jurisdiction. I have always felt that He is an international icon and a brand that resonates well with beacon of hope. We are still guided by ideals he stood for and I urge all the people of this municipality to join us in our quest to provide excellent and quality services to communities we serve. Play your part and participate meaningfully in local government sphere…

Our hearts and minds are still focused on reclaiming our glory as key role-players in the local government arena. We are still geared towards working together to ensure that lives of the people of Moses Kotane Local Municipality are improved for the better.

We pride ourselves with quality service provision and visionary leadership that makes us be caring and responsive municipality of choice and we are geared towards repositioning ourselves as a tourism destination of choice.

We are one of the municipalities with traditional leaders noting our rural nature of our location. I am surely proud of the regular engagements we have with Dikgosi on governance matters.

This is the last festive season of this Council’s term of administration which started in 2011. To fellow councillors, thank you for the memorable journey we travelled together.

Let us pursue our urge to make an impact with the saamtrek saamwerk approach to live up to the vision of being caring and responsive for you to live in, employees to work for and SMMEs to do business with……
As we bid farewell to 2015, I wish you all a blessed festive season and prosperous 2016 which I believe will be the year to look forward to…

Happy …. Happy