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Moses Kotane Local Municipality population was estimated at 242 553 by 2011 Census compared to 237 175 by Census 2001. The Municipality has a predominantly African population with fewer Indian, Coloured and White groups who are mostly residing in Sun City residence and Mogwase Unit 2. It should be noted that the recognized legal statistics to be used in developing IDP’s is from Census 2011.

Geographic information of households by 2011 was estimated at 75 195 compared to 61 759 by Census 2001 with the same total number of dermarcated wards. The Municipality is comprised of 31 Wards and is led by Council, the Speaker, Mayor and the Executive Committee. The Mayor is the Head of Executive Committee (EXCO) which comprises of 10 Councillors who are head of various departments and serve in portfolios. Total number of Proportional Representatives and Ward Councillors amount to 62 Councillors.