Development plan

The Municipality’s IDP is concerned with allocation of public resources in the most effective and efficient way so as to provide a framework for community, economic and environmentally sustainable development at the Local level.

Developmental plans of the municipality are regarding land usage, the Mogwase area has a central business district which is not being fully utilized taking into consideration the strategic location of the CBD. New investors as well as the provision of bulk services are required to allow for the full utilization and development of the CBD.

While on the western side of the municipality there is Madikwe Township which also has a huge potential to develop and expand based on the availability of land surrounding the existing township.

Three informal settlements have also been identified they include Mogwase Unit 8, Lerome South and Qwetsheza informal settlement. These informal areas were established due to the high demand for housing development particularly in the eastern part of the municipality. Over and above the three areas such as Ledig has started to experience land invasion. This is because of the employment opportunities that exist from the mining development that are being established in close proximity to these areas.


REVIEWED IDP 2013-2014
REVIEWED IDP 2014 – 2015