Office of the Chief Whip

Single Whip  Clr Maria Matshaba

Single Whip, Clr Maria Matshaba

Phone: 014 555 1300

Fax number:014 555 6454

The Chief Whip’s role is to maintain and deal with all political parties, it be within the governing party and those outside the ruling party and to ensure that he/she build relationships with all political parties. Like the Mayor and the Speaker, she/he also has roles and responsibilities which are as follows:
• “Whippery” is the key function played for political parties within Council
• He/she is Single whip for all councillors – political parties and the member of Council Whip’s Forum;
• To deal with issues that could hamper constructive relations within Political Parties represented on Council;
• To act as an interface between the Speaker, Executive Committee and the Mayor;
• To provide a thorough understanding of Council and its Committees and to support successful communication and decision-making;
• To oversee equitable representation on the different Council Committees;
• To ensure that Council Committees meet regularly and contribute constructively to the business of Council and
• To chair the Section 79 Disciplinary Committee.

Office of the Chief Whip - Organogram

Office of the Chief Whip – Organogram


Office of the Chief Whip
  1. Adherence to Code of Conduct and Rules of Order
  2. Caucus Management