Special projects

The Office of the Mayor administers Special Projects in the Municipality.

The Special Projects Unit is led by the MMC. Activities in the Special Projects are run by the Special Projects co-ordinator. There are four desks in the Special Projects: Elderly, Youth, HIV/AIDS and Children and Disability. Each of these desks is led by a councillor. The Special Project co-ordinator and the councillors in charge of desks work with the Manager in the Office of the Mayor.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality does not have specialists dealing with programmes of special need, i.e. Youth, Disability and HIV. These desks operate under the auspices of the portfolio heads in the Mayor’s office. Special Programmes Strategy needs to be developed and set the framework for the integration and mainstreaming of all the designated groups. Funding needs to be availed for the implementation of the strategy through the integration of programmes and projects of all clusters and sector plans.